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This picturesque town is located 12 km from Matagalpa, its climate is tropical savanna, the average temperature ranges from 20 ° to 26 ° C, this municipality was founded in 1800 by Fray Jose Ramon Rojas, and was elevated to town in 1904.

The most important mountain elevations that are observed are: Cuyus: 1,210 m, Cerro El Chompipe: 1280 m, Cerro Sparrow: 1,264 m. The rest of the topography is also broken but with lower elevations. The largest rivers flow are the Wabule river Upa River and the Rio Grande de Matagalpa. Re Township is one of those chosen by lot abroad for its climate and friendly people of humble character.

You reach the town center by a good road leaving the city towards El Tuma - La Dalia, and turn right (south) at the first major junction; There are signs signaling.

We must continue along this road to the village. Buses depart daily from the terminal Guanuca city of Matagalpa. From Managua, take in the Wholesale Market terminal bus to Matagalpa, and thence transshipped.

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Alcalde San Ramon Matagalpa

Lic. Marvin E Arauz sobalvarro

Municipal mayor

Welcome National and foreign tourists to the city of San Ramón, it is a privilege for me to represent this pleasant town, where you can enjoy a pleasant humid tropical climate, green mountains, local people with desires to serve, and different rural tourism services and activities And urban.

All together, united by the cause of improving the economy of the family, the local economy and therefore the reduction of poverty, we are working organized, central and local government, INTUR, local private business and foreign NGO in positioning our municipality in A destination of Sustainable Tourism.

We are achieving this through strengthening technical management tools, improving our business infrastructure to provide quality tourism services and activities, with efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Government, chaired by Commander Daniel and Rosario, mandates us to improve the lives of the population, to live in peace and common love.

So I invite you to be part of this "Tourist Experience of Life". We wait for you!!

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San Ramón, Matagalpa
In front of the city park


6AM a 10PM
Monday to Sunday


Mov. (505) 8504-7232
Pho. (505) 2772-5459

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