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For the facilities of the Kiruna Bed and Breakfast, a room house has been remodeled with private and double rooms with comfortable beds, towels, private bathrooms, good ventilation and lighting, hot water, TV, fan, internet and landline signal and cellular.

The equipment of the facilities is simple, modern rustic, with old details that invite you to feel at home and enjoy the culture of a rural village, quiet and a very pleasant climate.

The Kiruna Bed and Breakfast costs with private parking for guests, garden, patio with privacy in front of the neighborhood.

The price includes taxes and continental, American or national breakfast including export coffee, milk, natural juices and fruits.

The concept of El Kiruna Bed and Breakfast, is quality and personalized attention, the promotion plan is aimed at executives of companies, government agencies, volunteers and volunteers of NGOs, families, domestic and foreign tourists who want to spend the night in a very clean, safe and nice.

Kiruna Bed and Breakfast, has trained personnel: in customer service, food, management, administration, marketing and advertising. With business management procedures manuals. We have been recognized with three awards of importance at the national level.


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San Ramón, Matagalpa
In front of the city park


6AM a 10PM
Monday to Sunday


Mov. (505) 8504-7232
Pho. (505) 2772-5459

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