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bed and breakfast san ramon matagalpaKiruna B&B is a local business with private investment of the family, after the owner and manager has developed different programs, sustainable tourism projects, education, health, water and sanitation, entrepreneurship, leadership, food security and local economic development.

It has decided to undertake this new initiative out of necessity and with the purpose of general employment and self sustainability of it. Conscious of the challenge, in unattractive conditions, with touches of original ideas, a pleasant, simple space, with environmental standards, personalized attention. Applying Corporate Social Responsibility to business management with business environments.


Kiruna Meaning and Why?

Kiruna is the city very north of Sweden, located in the vicinity of iron and other metals mines, which distinguishes Sweden as an exporter of this metal in the world. It is the largest city in surface, although it has only about 20,000 inhabitants. It has different attractions and but something very impressive is the ice hotel and for the owner of Kiruna B & B it is a life experience, that is why it takes the name of Kiruna.



T"Kiruna Bed and Breakfast" is a local business that offers efficient tourism services and activities to domestic and foreign tourists visiting Nicaragua. Integrates business management including Corporate Social Responsibility with local environments "


To be a "Bed and Breakfast" with recognitions in services and tourist activities with quality standards, guaranteed services, human and professional warmth. Consolidate the "Walking with Purpose" Program, as an example of Corporate Social Responsibility.

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San Ramón, Matagalpa
In front of the city park


6AM a 10PM
Monday to Sunday


Mov. (505) 8504-7232
Pho. (505) 2772-5459

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