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The following shows a series of services related to Bed and Breakfast Kiruna questions, as well as the town of San Ramon Matagalpa among other information that we believe will be useful. In case you still have any queries it may send us an email.

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We are located 2.5 hours from the international airport in Managua, you want to take express bus at the airport direct to the bus stop "wholesaling", there you can take an express bus that will take you to the city of Matagalpa, (the bus has a about $ 3)
Upon reaching Matagalpa, at the same stop arrival, take a taxi to San Ramon ($ 4 approx) that is to so alone 12 kms and 15 minutes to the Bed and Breakfast Kiruna, we are located opposite the city park at the entrance to San Ramón.
If you want the wait at the airport by private car has cost $ 150 in private vehicles, air conditioning and safe. For more information please send us an email and request that service.

- Sunscreen (in the months of February to June) the sun is strong
- Insect repellent (we are in a tropical country)
- Walking Shoes - Comfortable clothing and sweater lightweight (June to January is necessary to put in your suitcase a light sweater, no cold air in the afternoons and evenings.
- Personal medicine (since we are located 12 kms from the nearest town)

- Food Preparation
- Customer - Waitress
- Sanitary hygienic measures - rates of other hotels, travel agencies, flight ticket, transportation agencies.

At around the Bed and Breakfast Kiruna are: "Comedor Nelys", Hotel and Restaurant "La Campana", Restaurant "La Orquídea". Also located fritangas (popular food) and individuals who cook Nacatamales (Nicaraguan typical food).

This region is very safe, we are half a block from the station of the National Police. You can walk down the street without any problems, both night and day. The people are very friendly and in any situation people are predisposed to help. The neighborhood where we are located in very quiet, the neighbors on both sides of the building are very friendly and respectful. In a very safe neighborhood

You can walk around town, there are taxis and public buses, the largest city Matagalpa is 12 kms. You can take a bus or taxi.

- We offer tour packages to local and national destinations in private vehicles
- Laundry Service
- Other meals
- Organize events and cover
- Private transport

- Agapanto (Simple 1-2 Persons)
- Heliotropos (Simple 1-2 Persons)
- Jazmín (Double 2-3 Persons)

After seeing the different rooms we offer, you can go to the menu "Contact" and then on "Book" or in each section of the rooms there are links to the booking module. Or write to
Ahi must fill out the form with your data, which receive and shortly we will contact you to confirm your reservation.

We do not accept credit cards but are in the process of doing so. You can check our methods of payment at the following link: Payments methods.

Claro que si. Usted tiene 1 semana de anticipación para notificarnos de la cancelación de su reserva, para asi realizar la devolución de su depósito, si excede el límite de tiempo no se realizara la devolución

- Email:
- Phone: (505) 2772-5459
- Mobile: (505) 8504-7232
- Skype: bedandbreakfast.kiruna
- Contact Form

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San Ramón, Matagalpa
In front of the city park


6AM a 10PM
Monday to Sunday


Mov. (505) 8504-7232
Pho. (505) 2772-5459

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