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We are professionals committed to the originality, honesty, hard-working to ensure that your stay memorable, so we reward their stay. At the time you recorded with your opinion that is favorable and recommend us to their colleagues, family and friends.

Human warmth

We have traveled and found some accommodation coldness , we want you to feel at home. We love to share cultures.

The pleasant weather

The town is located between mountains, in the mornings and evenings , enjoy a good climate for sharing good coffee produced in the coffee plantations of the region.

Bed and Breakfast Kiruna

For installations of Bed and Breakfast Kiruna , it has been remodeled one bedroom cottage that features single, double , with comfortable beds, private bathrooms , good ventilation and lighting , hot water , internet and fixed telephony signal cell.

The B & B has private parking , and the warmth of the staff working . It also has garden areas with privacy from the neighborhood, and the warmth of the staff working.

All prices include taxes.
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Delicious Breakfast

You can enjoy a continental breakfast with fresh juices and green smoothies to start a good day.

Our Rooms

We have single and double rooms , private bathrooms , hot water and other amenities .

About San Ramón

This picturesque town is located 12 km from Matagalpa , its climate is tropical savanna , the average temperature ranges from 20 ° to 26 ° C , this municipality was founded in 1800 by Fray Jose Ramon Rojas, and was elevated to town in 1904.
The most important mountain elevations that are observed are: Cuyus : 1,210 m, Cerro El Chompipe : 1280 m, Cerro Sparrow : 1,264 m . The rest of the topography is also broken but with lower elevations ...
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Bed and Breakfast Kiruna Services

San Ramón Matagalpa
hostel san ramon matagalpa
Internet service in all rooms and other facilities in the bed and breakfast
bed and breakfast san ramon matagalpa
Breakfast Area
Sliding glass doors , where you can see the garden of ferns and other flowers under the mango tree freshness
bed and breakfast matagalpa nicaragua
Hot Water
We have in each bathroom , a cold electric shower, which can be adjusted according to its commitment to the environment , warm and hot
bed and breakfast matagalpa
Parking and Security
Car parking with security gate , located within the premises of the bed and breakfast
hostel matagalpa
We offer simplicity, thorough cleaning before your arrival and take care of the details that make the difference , so that you enjoy your stay .
san ramon matagalpa
We are friendly, helpful and resolve concerns that may arise for you to decide to return again and recommend us to their friends

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San Ramón, Matagalpa
In front of the city park


6AM a 10PM
Monday to Sunday


Mov. (505) 8504-7232
Pho. (505) 2772-5459

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